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Not been updated for a while, but we’ve been moving swiftly on with our eBook.

We’ve drawn out our navigational structure, I know I mentioned doing that last time but I can’t remember if I said we’d finished it, well now we have 😛
We’ve started to design our HTML site using DreamWeaver now, basically we’re just running through tutorials, but no one can seem to remember to bring headphones O_o; I mean how hard is it? I have headphones on me anyway!
So yeah I’ve vaguely started my sit, I’ve got a front page (albeit nowhere near finished) which will probably change several times before I’m finished. I need a snazzy little animation on there too, I was hoping for a little PacMan thing, but I think I’ll hafta make one myself or get a useless one 😛
Oh and I made a shiny little Home Page button, aren’t I cool? 😛

tbh I think we need to be left to just run through the tutorials because I doubt any of us really know what we’re doing in DreamWeaver, (HINT HINT MR S) :L
I might even get a trial version of DreamWeaver or something for at home then I can run through them at home cos it’s rather interesting, and it can’t hurt to build up my skills 😛

And for today’s pictures:


hover cat
Hovercat! 😀

ctrl alt del
Poor cat 😛


So much for posting every day xD
Well I haven’t had much chance since Thursday so this is my catch-up 😀

Now we’ve started our e-book ever so slightly on Dreamweaver, well we made our file structure and now we’re determining our navigational structure, which ofc I have already done cos I’m a star pupil 😛

I’m looking forward to learning more HTML, CSS coding though, my knowledge is pretty limited atm.

So yeah, s’alright so far, hoping to actually make the e-book soon though 😛

Have summore pictures:

11 Cat!

Inside joke for Spinal Tap fans 😛

Sundial cat!

I just laughed xD

so! Until I have IT again, g’bye 😛


Hello world!

WordPress is very easy to set up, pick a username, password and type in your e-mail address and you’re off straight away! No annoying validation e-mail to wait for! and best of all, my username wasn’t taken by someone else 😛

I’m currently trying to create an account on LiveJournal as well, but I had to try four times before I could get the stupid ‘Prove you’re human’ thing right >>;
I mean look at this:
Apparently that doesn’t say “s4gegrx” O_o;
I got it on my third attempt though >>;

So yeah, WordPress is quite easy to use, there’s a HUGE “SIGN UP NOW” button on the front page, and the “new post” button is on most pages so you can post from pretty much any page

I particularly like the ability to switch from Code to Visual, meaning you can type html code and the like and switch to visual to check if it’s worked/see what it looks like. Rather handy if I do say so myself.

So yeah, this is my first blog, I’m gonna be updating this recently, I doubt anyone but myself and my teacher will read this, but who knows! Maybe a dragon will. We’re due to create our e-books tomorrow, well technically today, but we DIDN’T GET OUR USERNAMES! :/

Oh and here’s a nice little collection of cats I found, I might upload a new one each post, that’ll lighten this up a bit 😀

Monorail Cat!

Rechargeable Cat!

Invisible Cat

My favourite has to be invisible cat 😛