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Blog Trois

September 29, 2007

Not been updated for a while, but we’ve been moving swiftly on with our eBook. We’ve drawn out our navigational structure, I know I mentioned doing that last time but I can’t remember if I said we’d finished it, well now we have 😛 We’ve started to design our HTML site using DreamWeaver now, basically […]

Blog #2

September 17, 2007

So much for posting every day xD Well I haven’t had much chance since Thursday so this is my catch-up 😀 Now we’ve started our e-book ever so slightly on Dreamweaver, well we made our file structure and now we’re determining our navigational structure, which ofc I have already done cos I’m a star pupil […]

First Blog

September 10, 2007

Hello world! WordPress is very easy to set up, pick a username, password and type in your e-mail address and you’re off straight away! No annoying validation e-mail to wait for! and best of all, my username wasn’t taken by someone else 😛 I’m currently trying to create an account on LiveJournal as well, but […]