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Not been updated for a while, but we’ve been moving swiftly on with our eBook.

We’ve drawn out our navigational structure, I know I mentioned doing that last time but I can’t remember if I said we’d finished it, well now we have πŸ˜›
We’ve started to design our HTML site using DreamWeaver now, basically we’re just running through tutorials, but no one can seem to remember to bring headphones O_o; I mean how hard is it? I have headphones on me anyway!
So yeah I’ve vaguely started my sit, I’ve got a front page (albeit nowhere near finished) which will probably change several times before I’m finished. I need a snazzy little animation on there too, I was hoping for a little PacMan thing, but I think I’ll hafta make one myself or get a useless one πŸ˜›
Oh and I made a shiny little Home Page button, aren’t I cool? πŸ˜›

tbh I think we need to be left to just run through the tutorials because I doubt any of us really know what we’re doing in DreamWeaver, (HINT HINT MR S) :L
I might even get a trial version of DreamWeaver or something for at home then I can run through them at home cos it’s rather interesting, and it can’t hurt to build up my skills πŸ˜›

And for today’s pictures:


hover cat
Hovercat! πŸ˜€

ctrl alt del
Poor cat πŸ˜›


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